Dominating Palenciana's hamlet there is situated the parish of San Miguel, the principal monument of the villa, that San Miguelocupa's Parish one of the fronts of the central square of Our Lady of Carmen. Already in the 17th century, there was formed a chapel, which in 1714 reached the range of parish. But, in spite of the fact that this first temple was enlarged in such a date, it was necessary for the increase of the population to construct a new church in 1774, supporting her the master of the villa and V Marquess of Benamejí, Juan Bautista Bernuy Fernandez of Henestrosa, as confirms a wall inscription discovered recently under the lime. In two years it was extracted of foundations and this building was raised, magnificently proportionate and of the beautiful factory, features that grant packing and beauty to him. To minor scale it reproduces the parish of the neighbor Benamejí. This way so, it has plant of Latin cross with pilasters of giant order articulating his gatherings, there being done cajeados the shafts of the above-mentioned supports in the angles of the cruise, where also they hang a few showy geometric placados of very cut away profiles, all this type of the baroque dieciochesco, as the serpenteantes moldurajes that surround the big windows of the arms. Vaults of half a cannon with lunetos use as covers, except in the central section of the cruise, which takes a dome gallonada with radial strips, giving place to a beautiful starry effect, which comes together in a great central rosette with plaster-works of race rococo. This dome is the most interesting structure of the temple and his relation is clear with that of Benamejí's above-mentioned parish, depending as this one on the architecture antequerana on the 18th century, which turns out to be logical bearing in mind the proximity of this of Malaga population.

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