Popular pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Linares. Numerous pilgrims packed carriages depart from Córdoba, singing Pilgrimage of Linares (Ramón Medina). This pilgrimage is organized by Centennial Guild of Our Lady of Linares. Data devotion to the Virgen de Linares from the reconquest of Córdoba in 1236 by King San Fernando, which bore the insignia of their armies. For this reason it is also called the Virgin Conqueror. Encouraged by the Brotherhood of Linares in 1955 the Cordobesas Peñas begin to participate in the Pilgrimage by mounting floats, where the same today are rewarded for their ornaments and accessories. Baldomero Moreno Espino, as older brother was the architect of the Brotherhood to promote the Pilgrimage of Linares, with Antonio Ruiz Rubio, who for 52 years was sexton of the same.

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