From immemorial years is known the habit of going to the Shrine of Scala Coeli to commemorate the miracle that took San Álvaro of Córdoba, a Dominican friar, to pick up a sick beggar on the road, which turned out to be the same Jesus Christ, being the first time that there record of performing the pilgrimage in 1964. The Caravan Romera part toward the Santuario Scala Coeli through downtown streets of Córdoba: Gondomar, Tendillas, Cruz Conde ... The delegation comprised of pilgrims, are directed to the Cordoba mountain range about walking, riding and decorated floats .. On arrival, a wreath is made by the Royal Brotherhood of the Holy Christ and San Álvaro of Córdoba. Justice is highlighting the work of their elder brothers: Baldomero Moreno Espino, Barrionuevo Benjamin Camacho, Carlos Font Irrigation Calzadilla León and Diego Amador Ruiz Moreno among others, to promote the Pilgrimage in the fifties and early sixties, and as the fundamental work of Fray Rafael Cardenas Lavender OP and admiration of fellow friar Fray Carlos Bermudez Romero OP.

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