The reservoirs located in the province belong to the Guadalquivir Basin. Among the most suitable for the practice of fishing are: Embalse de San Rafael de Navallana carp, catfish, Bogas, Black Bass and some trout. Reservoir Mares: Black Bass and Barbel Comizo. Reservoir Guadalmellato: Black Bass, Pike, Carp and Barbel. Reservoir Santa María: Carp, Barbel, Tench and Boga. Reservoir Iznajar: Carp, Catfish, Catfish, Black-bass and trout. Reservoir Punete New: Carp, Catfish, Black-bass, pike and Boga. Reservoir Bembezar: Carp; Barbo and Black Bass. Reservoir Vadomojón: Black Bass, Catfish, Carp and Trout. Reservoir Bern II: Carp, Barbel, Pike and Black-bass.

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