This building is the prototype of a popular housing of the XIVth and XVth century.
Saint Nicholas de la Ajerquía's collación turned into an economic and commercial very important center of the city, in addition here they concentrated the great part of the handcrafted unions of Cordova. The economic summit assembled merchants, pedlars, and travelers, for what, as the years went by, they were forming several taverns, inns and put in the environment.

In this environment, one was finding the Posada of the Colt, in the square with the same name, which used as inspiration artists as Francisco of Quevedo or Michael of Cervantes, and he has been a protagonist of legends as the fact happened to the Captain of the Army of Pedro I Cruel.

The Put one of the Colt supported his function until in the 19th century, the zone lost commercial importance and his earnings come from merchants and travelers descended. It was at the time when the put one turned into a Neighbors' Corral. In the 70s, Don Manuel Salcedo Hierro recovered this one put that I was forgotten for more than 20 years.

Nowadays the put one is the headquarters of the Museum of Cordova dedicated to the singer Fosforito and to the tradition of the Fleming. It is the Center of Art Fosforito.



Place: Plaza of the Colt


From Tuesday until Friday: of 8:30h to 20:45h

On Saturdays: of 8:30h to 16:30h

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