Viana offers the possibility to visit a lived noble house and discover an evolution of architectural styles, decorative arts and aristocracy related environments. Delving inside is an invitation to be transported to other times, the evolution in their lifestyles, their tastes and exercised the important role these power elites throughout history. Their customs and aesthetic tastes are reflected in the magnificent art collections of the palace hides and guadamecíes, heraldic tiles, real muskets, tapestries, paintings, porcelain, furniture of different styles, archaeological pieces ... The visit is completed with one of its main attractions: the twelve courtyards and garden, each with a distinct personality that enhances the ride with the most varied sounds, colors and aromas. The interior of the house and patios are integrated seamlessly, giving the palace original harmony. The role of the courts offers the possibility to enjoy a changing environment, providing visions and different sensations, depending on the different times of day and the season in which you visit.


- September to June:

Closed Monday

Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 19 h.

Sundays and holidays from 10 to 15 h.

Consult Holidays


- July and August:

Closed Monday

Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 15 h.


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