Cordoba The Roman Bridge is the bridge over the Guadalquivir river linking the Campo de la Verdad to the city by the Jewish Quarter. It is also known as the Old Bridge, as it was the only bridge that had Cordoba for 20 centuries, until the construction of San Rafael Bridge in the middle of the twentieth century.
Built in the early first century AD, during the Roman period in the time of Emperor Augustus, on the river Guadalquivir (probably replacing a more primitive wood), has a length of about 331 meters and is composed of 16 arches of 17 originally it had. It was an important means of entry into the city from the south of the Iberian peninsula as the only point to cross the river without using any type of boat. It was then erected with sixteen arches supported by stirrups and defended by embankments half-cylinder, which facilitate the passage of water and smooth the flow.
For twenty centuries it has been the only one that existed in the city, and still, to a date as close as 1953, the only bridge built in Cordoba, Roman Bridge has been torn down and rebuilt many times for military reasons, because often has It has been the scene of battles and riots.
Although Roman and he has little of its original construction preserves the blocks and some arches. Yes maintains a similar held in ancient times, especially since its last restoration, in 2008, tried to return, to the extent possible, its original appearance aspect.

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Precioso, una joya.


El mas bonito de España y los cordobeses no lo pisamos mucho!!! Si estuviera en Sevilla sería casi como la torre eifell. Besos para todos.

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