Declared Well of Cultural Interest, it dates back from the centuries I to the VIIth A.D. and possesses one of the most complete surfaces of the existing ones in the Iberian Peninsula. Emphasizes the monument of the gatherings of his walls and the wealth of his architectural elements: mosaics, paintings, pavements..., this way, as the sculptural appeared to set in the same one and that can be contemplated in the Historical - archaeological Museum. In her clearly two zones are distinguished: the "Pars Urbana", which corresponds with the residence of the owners, with all kinds of luxuries and being still the models of Hellenic houses (supported to the present day in the Andalusian house), and the productive zone "Pars Rústica" destined for the agricultural dependences (presses, wells of decantation of oil, ponds ...). Close to the Villa and associated with she there appeared a necropolis of the century IV-VII A.D.


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