YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION: Built between 1880 and 1881.

STYLE: Neo-Gothic style.

LOCATION: Ronda de los Mártires Street, Córdoba


HISTORICAL REVIEW: Hermitage built between 1880 and 1881 by Felipe Sainz de Veranda, the municipal architect. Built on the grounds of the former Convent of the Holy Martyrs for the extension of the Paseo de la Ribera from the Martos Mill to the Madre de Dios Field, its main façade has two bodies and a stone ashlar gable, with a slightly pointed front and slightly flared. Inside you can admire a beautiful Paleo-Christian sarcophagus made of Carrara marble, dated around 330 AD. (Constantinian era), which was found in the hermitage itself. Two scenes decorate the front of the sarcophagus: the song of the rooster and the arrest of the saint. On April 22, 1949, it is declared a Spanish Historical Heritage. During the year 2005, this hermitage reopened its doors for the weekly worship, on the occasion of the seventeenth centenary of the death of the Holy Martyrs of Cordoba.


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Address: Calle Ronda de los Mártires, 15, 14010 Córdoba