Start: C / Historico Jaén Morente, neighborhood of Fátima, Córdoba
End: Pedroches Industrial Estate, Córdoba
Distance: 27.1 km.
Positive slope: 630m.
Negative slope: 620m.
Time: 90 min.
Minimum / maximum height: 110 / 355m.
Type of terrain: Roads and trails
Difficulty: Medium-high
Signalized: Partially (PR-A53; PR-A322; and SL-A92)

1,8    Rabanales bike lane                      

Leave the bike lane and continue straight ahead

3,6    Arroyo de Rabanales                     

Continue on the path on the left that goes down to the stream
5,6    Vereda de Linares                         

Turn left parallel to the fence and after 200m open the gate on the left
8.7    Cerro de San Fernando                  

Continue straight and then turn slightly to the left through the trough
9,4    Cañada Real Soriana                     

Turn left
9.7    Sanctuary of Linares                     

Turn left to go to the Sanctuary (round trip), and then the path that starts next to the curve
10.8   Highway CO-3101                        

Joining the highway (right)
10.9   Roundabout CO-3101                   

Take the bike path that goes to the right
11,8   Roundabout CO-31                      

Turn left and continue on CO-31
12.7   CO-31                                        

Turn right next to the bus stop and then left
13,2   Highway N432                            

Turn right at the bottom of the road and descend to the stream
13,6   Arroyo Pedroches                        

After crossing the stream take the path that descends on the right margin (PR-A322)
15.5   Arroyo Pedroches                        

Turn right onto Arroyo Santo Domingo
16.7   Santo Domingo Stream                

Turn right and after 180m turn right again
17.7   Cortijo Los Velascos                     

Turn left
18,8   Quarry                                       

Turn right
20,1   Santo Domingo Sanctuary            

Turn left (concrete slope)
20.5   Urbanization Santo Domingo        

Turn left and after 150m again to the left SL-A92
23,1   Vereda Santo Domingo                

Cross the road and continue straight on the path
24.8   La Palomera                               

When you reach the stream, turn left
25      Puente de Hierro                         

Cross the Pedroches stream and go down its left margin
25,5   Arroyo Pedroches                         

Turn left and go up the hill. At the end turn to the right

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