It is considered the oldest in the area surrounding Córdoba, having been founded after the conquest of the city by Fernando III.

LOCATION: Carretera del Santuario de Linares, 14029 Córdoba


The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Linares belongs to the municipality of Córdoba, located 6.2 km. Township. When this monarch went to Cordoba, he camped with his troops in the vicinity of the place that today occupies the chapel and it is said that, in order to encourage his soldiers, he always carried with him an image of the Virgin that he placed in the saddle of his horse during the battles, image that he placed in a tower or watchtower that existed in that place. After the conquest of the city, the image was kept there, either as a souvenir or as it was considered more secure because Cordoba was still surrounded by populations dominated by Arabs, giving rise to the creation of the Sanctuary.

The origin of the name is unknown, although it is attributed to Fernando III taking the image when passing through Linares, or this was the name of the chaplain to whom he was entrusted. By increasing the devotion of the people of Cordoba, with their donations and those of Bishop Don Lope de Fitero and the Cathedral Chapter, a church was built before the tower, which was thus constituted as the main chapel of the new construction. Every year in May the Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Linares is celebrated, where the devout pilgrims participate, giving greatness, joy and chastity to the Peñas Cordobesas.

SCHEDULES: Sundays of 12’00 at 12’30 h.


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Address: Carretera del Santuario de Linares, 14029 Córdoba