Under the heading of Natural Park of Sierra Subbetic are protected by the Junta de Andalucía in 1988 space, of great ecological and landscape, with an area of 31,568 Hs; unevenly distributed among eight municipalities of the Commonwealth of Subbetic: Cabra, Carbabuey, Doña Mencía, Iznajar, Luque, Priego de Cordoba, Rute and Zuheros.La limestone nature of the materials that make up the mountain is one of the main attractions he observed typical formations Kárstico.El modeling terrain, steep slopes and elevations, beautiful narrow valleys. Emphasizes chiefly the Sierra de Cabra. The highest peak of it, known as the Picacho is located at an altitude of 1217 meters. In this area are remarkable geological formations of limestone pavement of Lanchares, with their cutting grooves features, close to the shrine of Our Lady of the Sierra and the Great Depression of the polje of Nava, in the same area. Further north, near the town of Zuheros Bat Cave opens, whose walls are adorned with paintings. The Natural Park encloses the highest in the province of Córdoba: La Tiñosa, at 1570 meters. Other mountains of great beauty are Horconera Rute and in the latter we find the summit mentioned by the Bermejo peak of 1,470 mtrs. Among the fauna one can find foxes, rabbits, wild boars, wild cats, snakes, golden eagle ... The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, rich in oak woodlands in the area of the mountain, accompanied by hawthorns, daphne, durillo matagallos ... And also, Kermes oak, buckthorn, smilaxes and arbutus.

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Natural Visitor Center Park Subbetica "Santa Rita"
Interpretation Centre and Nature Park Subbeticas Sierras.
◾Dirección: Rd 340, Cabra - Priego de Córdoba, Km 57..
◾Telf.: +34 957 675 566 361