Description. The Cuesta del Bailío was historically one of the communications between the upper city (Medina or Villa) and the low (Axerquía) that crossed the wall of Roman origin. Until 1711 there was an Arch that gave a name to this area (Arco or Portillo de Corbacho). The Cuesta del Bailío begins at Carrer Carbonell and Morand, going through Alfaros Street. Of the steps that it has, 31 have the firm land, with decorative drawings, reaching the fork, where there is a fountain. These steps were created in 1943 as a result of a remodeling of the slope itself. In the background you can see the Casa del Bailío with a beautiful Renaissance façade, named after the owner's position and which gives its name to the hill, communicating with the Plaza de Capuchinos and with the Christ of the Lanterns. The palatial house located in the upper part of the Cuesta, which belonged to the Fernández de Córdoba, for the dignity of this family (Bailío) gave this house its definitive name. This house (cover of Hernán Ruíz II), is a good example of Cordovan architecture from the 17th to the 18th century.

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