Situation. Located on Juan Rufo Street and where Santa Street ends.
Neighborhood. In the San Andrés-San Pablo neighborhood of the city.
Description. The source of Fuenseca is a fountain located in the square of the same name. It was built in 1808 as a reconstruction of another older fountain. It owes its name to the scarce flow that had the original source, built in the fifteenth century.

In 1495, taking advantage of the water that flowed from the well of the exiguity of the convent of Las Dueñas, a fountain was built in Alfaros street before reaching the Cuesta del Bailío, but given the scarce slope, its flow was scarce, being very necessary years. rainy so that the water reached the cup of the source, which originated by mocking the name of Fuenseca still preserved.

In 1760 the City Council moved the fountain to a lower level, in the center of the square of Juan Rufo Street, before its confluence with Alfaros, placing it in a hole that was lowered by two or three steps and providing it with a pillar with a marmolillo that had the pipes.

In 1808, according to the inscription of its pillar, it was rebuilt, attaching it to the wall and placing four large pipes that poured abundant water. Currently, it is still attached to the wall of the viewpoint of the house that belonged to the Marquesa de la Mejorada and crowned by an image of San Rafael sculpted in stone.

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