Family business, called Juan Moyano Products. Its initial activity was and still is, the development of artisan crisps, snacks and nuts. In 1985 opened an delegacy in Cordoba city, adding to its products distributing sweets and creating new activity for this other company called Storage Moyano S.L. Began with a cash & carry confectionery, being pioneers in Andalusia in the channel sale system. Later in this system, we add other product lines creating a large section of toys, costumes, accessories and items for bachelor parties.

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Aurora Mendoza de Leon

PrODUCTOS BUENISIMOS Aunque no soy de Cordoba desde que vivo aqui "me enganche" a ellos y ACERTE porque probe otros similares tambien cordobeses y no tienen nada que ver Que haya empresas como Moyano hace que los consumidores estemos muy satisfechos

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Adress: Pol. Ind. Chinales, parcela 44,
14007 CÓRDOBA (Córdoba)
Teléfono: 957 404 171