Nowadays of the original Castle North-East stays the Tower of the Honoring, a tower located in the north front and remains of a former tower placed in the corner, as well as vestiges of the foundation of another tower arranged in the center of the western wall and remains of wall located in diverse zones between the different towers and in the north wings of the current court of the building that shelters the principal tower. The tower of the honoring is the most prominent and better(best) preserved, doing nowadays the function of the body of revenue to the housing that in his day belonged to Aguilar's House. This one is of a rectangular plant, with two stays superposed and arched with a double vault of edges of bricks, and on them a body of the roof. In the last body, it distinguishes a mullioned window of ends of the 15th century or beginning of the 16th century, formed by two arches geminados from five lobes each one, that they rest on a central column with smooth capital, and framed for alfiz on the occasion of chain-stitch.


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