Inside the civil architecture of Villa of the Rio it is necessary to stand out in the remains of the former medieval castle. This strength of I represented in Moslem epoch, being conquered by Fernando III before the capture of Cordova. It remained subject to the jurisdiction of this city, though in 2 ª half of the 15th century and there happens power of Fernán Perez of the major mount, realizing at the time important you work that they gave to him his definitive configuration. Later it returned to the city of Cordova, until 1531 formed in her San's Pedro parish, belonging in this use for four centuries. Today, as it could only indicate (to see religious architecture), they lodge municipal dependences, denoting his primitive function of strength both big prismatic towers of stone that stay both ends of the building. The western tower preserves a Gothic cover, pointed arch of marked dovelas, starting of Gothic moldings. Close to the castle the former Town hall is located, raised for 1889.

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