The Mosque - cathedral gathers the essence of Cordova, being the best mirror in which to meditate and to understand the destination of this city. A building Heritage of the Humanity who shows the singularity of having been kept alive during each and every one of the days that understand his intense path. A building that always changes, that always proves to be different and that offers an endless number of perspectives, so many people like persons are those who contemplate it. An exceptional monument in which, every time, a different opportunity is offered to us, in that we can enjoy in new thoughtful and like that to re-discover a surprising detail, which up to the moment was slipping by. 

We are before a sacred space in which the man has felt the God's mystery, the intimate emotion that has motivated the construction of monuments as exceptional as this one. This way it has happened throughout the time, without interruption. Different educated and different sensibilities award to this sublime place this marked perception of the spiritual thing.
Those who admired the beauty of the one that was a great mosque omega of West could preserve it. Today, the joint one monumental Mosque - cathedral of Cordova, shows to the world the greatness of his history, which begins with a basilica visigoda, eclosion in epoch caliphal, and culminates with the art of the Gothic, of the Renaissance and of the Baroque.

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