We can enjoy the courtyards "patios" of Cordova during the Christmas date and we can look these wonderful private places and know his history in Christmas and not only know it during May.

They´re courtyards both private and institutional, which we can enjoy in this date. There are complementary activities such as Show Choir, Uvulites, contests of Christmas treats and much more.

The visit to Winter Courtyards will be during December, with a different view of these enclosures, with a unique architecture and Christmas decorations. There´re different tours that we can explore by several neighborhoods of the city. 

This project is realized to enjoy both visitors and citizens.



Date: between 16 and 28 December.

Time: from 18:00h up to 21:00h.



- Courtyards open every day: they will be visited between 16 and 22 December, from 18:00h up to 21:00h.

- Courtyards open only one day: 30 courtyards in 6 tours. They open only the day of the tours. From 18:00h up to 21:00h.

- Institutional courtyards: They only open the day of the tours and according to programming. From 18:00h up to 21:00h.

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