Description: In Tokyo Restaurant, we work day after day to offer authentic Japanese food in an establishment where quality and good service are combined. One of our attractions is the spectacle of the chef who is located next to the public, prepares food on a large plate more than two meters, with a very distinct from cooked in a wok meal result, while making a show of balancing act.
Decoration: a spacious place with Japanese decor
Japanese cook
Specialties and suggestions: Our culinary specialty is the teppanyaki (grilled food), an, more accustomed to universal classics like sushi dish relatively unknown by the Cordovan public. Teppanyaki specialties are healthy; its production method grilled retains all the properties of food. In addition, each dish has its own special sauce.
 The three chefs (one of sushi, teppanyaki and other kitchen) comment that "our dishes require much preparation and time." They include, among others, specialties such as chicken teriyaki, sukiyaki (slices of beef and cooked in special sauce vegetables), mixed tempura (shrimp and teeming the vegetables), tofu (a kind of tofu) and udon (noodles Japanese).

 From 13 to 16.30 h.
 From 20.30 to 12 h.

Observations: It has delivery service

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Address: Calle Manuel Cuellar Ramos, SN
(Near to Hotel Córdoba Center)
Telf.: 957 280 603