It is a monument type and typically Cordoba dating back to the seventeenth century, the highest expression of popular devotion by the custodian. Close to the Puerta del Puente found the most colorful of all. Made in the eighteenth century, was completed by Miguel de Verdiguer. The ether column that supports the Archangel stands on a tower that has its walls, in turn, in a grotto. They are symbols of the underworld, the earthly and the divine. In the Place of the Company wins another rises, presiding over the square. It dates from 1736 and was built by the alms of the faithful. In the Glorieta Conde de Guadalhorce, in front of the old railway station, we find another example of devotion to San Rafael. It was erected in the first instance against the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and dates from 1743. El Triunfo de San Rafael, located in the Plaza de los Aguayos, was erected in 1753, was donated by the Counts and Marquises of Hornachuelos Santaella. Other Victories are located in the Church of Our Lady of Peace, Plaza de San Hipólito, New Gate, Plaza de San Basilio and Plaza del Potro (late eighteenth century)

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