SAINT'S PILGRIMAGE DOMINGOLa devotion of the Virgin of Linares comes from the reconquest of Cordova, in the year 1236, for the king San Fernando, who was taking her as an emblem of his armies, motive for the one that also is conceded as the Conquering Virgin.
Horsemen, adorned coaches and rosemaries dressed in the typical suits form the courtship that, every first Sunday of May (this year on the 6th), directs way for itself to Linares to receive the benediction of the Virgin between singing and dances. The peregrination finishes in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Linares, where after the mass delivery of the prizes is done to the best adorned coaches.
In the surroundings of the sanctuary, the pilgrims enjoy eating and drinking among friends and relatives who meet to feast this so special day.


Date: May 12, 2019

Place of departure: Av / de República Argentina.

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