It is the MOST ANCIENT WAREHOUSE OF ANDALUSIA AND THE THIRD ONE OF SPAIN, founded in 1729 by Don Diego de Alvear and Stairs eight generations later continue defending a way of life linked to the land and to the grapevine.
Belonging to one of the most ancient wine-producing families of Spain and of the world, there preserve 200 hectares of the vineyard of the variety Pedro Ximénez in the zone of top quality of Montilla's Saw.

The fingerprint of the family Alvear Montilla still has intimately tied across D. Diego de Alvear and Ponce of León, Francisco de Alvear (I SAW Count of the Curtain) between others. The family preserves the warehouse functional and the manner in the historical center of the city.
The visit to the warehouse, which counts with more of 90.000m2, with a magnificent location, offers a tour full of captivation in the one that will be enjoyed the press, room of fermentation and warehouses of upbringing, besides a degustation of broths with an explanation of his characteristics and correct trying.

Between many prizes and mentions the most current it is the one that Robert Parker has granted with 100 points on 100 to the PX Add 2011, stands out the award to the Best Tourist Company 2008 in Cordova.

Principal brands: Pedro Ximénez 1830, Pedro Ximénez 1910, PX.Cosecha 2011 and Crossbeam Foundation. I die CB, Amontillado Carlos VII, Pedro Ximénez 1927 between others and Pedro Ximénez's balsamic vinegars.

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