WINNERS AND AWARDS Winners: two different people who get bonuses each. 1. Win two tickets. 2. Win two tickets. The award is granted: 1. Two tickets for the bus City S. Córdoba (not valid for other cities). Prize will be awarded in the offices of SPONSOR OR THE PLACE TO CHOOSE THE SAME (BUS ...). IN THE EVENT THAT THE WINNER IS OUTSIDE, WILL THAT ALSO WITHDRAW IN CORDOBA, NO MAILED. SPECIFIC RULES The prize promotions is not transferable. (Ii) The winner or winner is not eligible for more than one prize to those described above within the promotional period. This promotion is free. Prizes may under no circumstances be subject to change, alteration or compensation at the request of the winners and are not transferable without authorization from the organizer, or exchanged for their value in cash. Prizes may be waived. Should be null any of the winners, the organizer of the lottery reserves the right to choose the fate of the prize.

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